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BitcoinMix.Services is a bitcoin mixer that is used for transactions related to cryptocurrency, this service uses to maintain absolute anonymity. The algorithm of the service that works on the site completely mixes the cryptocurrency and any trace or connection between the new and old wallet after mixing is impossible to track. On the bitmix platform itself, there are already clean/laundered cryptomonets. When making a transaction by the user, it comes completely clean cryptocurrency.


To date, Bitmix is actively working and supports its work around the clock. Due to the growth of bitcoin, many users choose our service for mixing cryptomonets, as we guarantee our users complete anonymity, no one will ask you to enter any personal data when using bitcoin mixer, as your transactions are not saved anywhere. We have an impressive reserve that allows you to conduct anonymous transactions around the clock. We also have the most loyal fee.

BitcoinMix review and reviews

The principle of operation of the blockchain with the bitcoin cryptocurrency is completely transparent. Any interested user can view information about transactions. Every client who has at least once posted information about his personal wallet must know that anyone can watch him and know where and where he receives/sends funds.

If privacy and complete anonymity of cryptocurrency transactions are important to you, then there are mixers for you, is BitcoinMix.

We also recommend that you use the TOR browser when using the bitmix service, despite all the above security measures, using the tor browser will maximize your anonymity.

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How does bitcoin Mixer work

Bitmix is a website that mixes cryptocurrencies with each other. Previously, it was assumed that such resources were used for the most part by various attackers who covered their tracks. But today, this is a great way to protect yourself and eliminate the possibility of extortion and similar situations.

The cryptocurrency is cleared by dividing it into pieces and sending it in different directions to different recipients. All this using a redundant amount of cryptocoins that have been received by numerous users. Thus, in the end, you get completely pure bitcoins. You can choose the mixing strength and delay time (the greater the delay and mixing strength, the greater the percentage of anonymity).
It’s very simple — bitcoins are cleared from belonging to any wallet.

Reviews of bitmix

Customer reviews of the bitmix service are collected in a bunch from various forums. Also, each review about Bitcoin mixer has a link to the source attached, so you can always check it out.

BitcoinMix — has one of the lowest commissions on the crypto market.
Ability to specify multiple withdrawal wallets and a delay of up to 72 hours.
A huge amount of blending a week. Responsive technical support.
There is an indicator of the mixing strength of your cryptomonets.

What is bitcoin clearing used for?

For example, in order to protect yourself, you need the anonymity of the transaction.
Many users say that they use the clearing of bitcoins in order to pay for various services with them.
The most common store for this is the Hydra website.

If you are worried about your privacy when paying for any prohibited or dark services on the Internet, then you should use pure currency.

We wish you complete anonymity, fast transactions and minimal commission!

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